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Springfield is FILM READY

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Contact us to film
City of Springfield: (859)336-5440;
Springfield Tourism Commission: (859)336-5412 x1
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Springfield is the place for location assistance and coordination with local personnel and services.

How can shooting in Springfield save money?

We are a rural community with most locations within walking distance or a short drive of our downtown area. Services are conveniently located and can be accessed within just a few minutes. The metro areas of Lexington and Louisville are both less than an hour away and can provide additional production needs. Additionally, lodging, gas and food are generally more cost efficient than our larger cities.

For complete information on how filming in our area is good for your bottom line, please visit the Kentucky Film Office at this link.


Springfield is the seat of Washington County, the first county in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Our community has a deep and rich history, that is evident in our well-preserved buildings and unique countryside. You’ll find pre-Civil War homes, centuries old rock walls, gently rolling hills, rivers and lakes that support nesting bald eagles and blue herons, and sunsets that will take your breath away. We are also the geographical center of the state, conveniently located at the crossroads of several state highways. While just on the outlying areas of the “big cities,” you’ll be surprised at the abundance of sparkling fresh air and clean water. To see a sample list of Springfield locations along with “Behind the Scenes” photos from the recent filming of “Sadie & McKayla” by Tragedy Girls, LLC filmed in Springfield, click here.


What’s the weather like in Springfield: We enjoy four distinct seasons, with none being too extreme. We do have some hot and muggy days in the summer, but they are tempered with frequent cold fronts that bring a little rain and cool breezes. The autumn is a favorite for most, as our spectacular show of fall colors rivals any in the country. Our winters tend to come a little later in the year, with snow around January or February. The roads are always quickly maintained and fluctuating temperatures can cause a quick melt-off. Spring is when you can witness real Kentucky bluegrass! When the morning sun rises and hits the dew, a deep blue hue appears. It’s something you’ll never forget.


After your initial contact with the Kentucky Film Office, we are more than happy to show you around and answer questions. Please call or email with your arrival date, information and type of locations you are seeking and we’ll get back with you right away. City of Springfield: (859)336-5440; Springfield Tourism Commission: (859)336-5412 x1


Thank you for considering Springfield as your next filming location and we look forward to meeting you!